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RE: www.bchydroponics.com


You may already know that in the last couple of years there appeared a totally new way of monetizing traffic by sharing large files.

The concept is quite simple, you upload a file that you think is going to become a hit, whether it's music, movie or software. Then you tell your friends about it on your website, blog or social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. We will pay you $5.00 for every thousand downloads of your files.

But wait, there's more! People who come to download your files are given a choice of either downloading from a slow connection or they are given an option to upgrade for a small fee and get a dedicated Gigabit network. We will pay you 25% on all such upgrades that your files generate. Our stats show an average of about 10-15 such upgrades per 1,000 downloads, that will bring you an additional $25-$40 in revenue.

That's not all! Some of the people you referred may upload some files of their own. And guess what, you will get paid a further 12.5% on their referral upgrades too. We have the ONLY 10-level referral program that will generate revenue on referrals of referrals for the full 10 levels. Your initial file of 1,000 downloads can quickly snowball into large multi-level referral network, each of which is generating you income without them even knowing it. Remember that people on the very top of the referral structure are the ones who will benefit the most over the years.

You can see our revenue rates for the full 10 levels and a case study at refile.net/revenue/.

You can start refiling by uploading a file at refile.net or registering for a free account at refile.net/acc/signup/.

Remember, it pays to refile!

Alex Prikhodko
Developer of refile.net

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